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The Print Lab was founded in 2020 when a local apparel brand owner decided to learn the art of garment decoration. Living through a pandemic where everything was shut down, left HAUS OF BARZ owner with no option but to learn how to print on her own garments. She slowly acquired all the equipment and supplies she needed to begin printing small. Through hours of watching YouTube videos, reading informative articles, and practicing she learned several printing techniques. With the help of her partner, they created entire new lines of printed merchandise for her brand. Eventually, her dad took curiosity to what she was doing, so he bought his own equipment and began printing small orders for local businesses. The three of them came together one day and decided to begin a new venture.


At The Print Lab, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior, personalized service. Although we are a relatively new company, we want to set the standard for print houses of the new generation.

Wooden Frames
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